Wednesday, 2 December 2015


      Sandy, one of our ukulele band, organised a trip to the `Victorian Christmas` at Gun Wharf Quay Portsmouth on Saturday last.   This was an excellent fayre with many Victorian children and teachers all dressed for the occasion.    With the rain and the fake snow [which I thought was real for a moment] the poor kids were a bit cold which made it seem real.  They were well looked after but they all entered into the spirit.
      I enjoyed the simulated helicopter ride, so real with the moving panoramic views, that I had to balance myself.       The shopping was good too, in that there were many novel  items for all stockings.`
      Carousel and many stalls all Victorian style.  A good day out and very well organised by our Sandy.
      Recently obtained a few more `cat` postcards.  I still have a lot of my own artwork signed postcards if anybody wants to buy them  10 for £1.  Enquire via my e-mail
      My book is still selling well at the Herald office in Hythe,  don`t know how well at Waterstones, Amazon.  Beaulieu, and Exbury.
      I believe I have mentioned that one turned up in a second hand bookshop on Vancouver Island.` The buyer gave it as a present and the receiver,  a lady potter, sent me a very flattering e-mail.
      All for now, so all those who read this, may I wish you all, good luck for 2016 and have a lovely Christmas.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Jis Marine Valve From China

Dear Sirs,  

We happen to know that you are in the market for jis valves.

We would like to introduce our company and products, hope that we may build business cooperation in the future.    

We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of jis valves for more than six years. We are famous in this market for our good quality and delivery time, our price is also very competitive because we are manufacturer, we are the source.  

Our main product

1.CAST IRON VALVE:JIS F7305,7306,7307,7308,7309,7310,7363 etc.

2.CAST STEEL VALVE:JIS F7311,7312,7319,7320,7366  etc.

3.BRONZE VALVE:JIS F7301,7302,7303,7304,7409,7410,7398(DRAIN VALVE),7399(EMERGENCY SHUT OFF VALVE)etc.


5.Filter:JIS F7121,




You are welcome to visit our website to get more information.

Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know, We will be happy to meet a new friend in this valve market.

Best Regards

Mr Tian



AddNO 79 ChengMa Road, JiMo, QINGDAO,CHINA

Tel+86 15275212302

Fax+86 532 89947867

ContactsMr Tian

Friday, 27 November 2015

Could see and hear video parking sensor

Dear friend,

Have a nice day!
Following is E-TOO special video parking sensor.
Built-in LED Digital Function To The Monitor.BiBi and Human voice optional and easy installation.
Sample can be sent on request.Any questions,please get in touch with me.
Export Dept. 
Company : Guangzhou E-TOO Technology &Electronics Co.,Ltd
Add :No11,D building Yongxing east Rd Long Gui,BaiYun,GZ,P.R.C
Tel:+86-20-86050667 /86050269
Website : 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 2015 update.

   This year seems to have flown by... went to Westward Ho ! for a spell.
Lucky for weather.
Interested in
the school where Rudyard Kipling was taught and wrote one of his first books.
Not the Jungle book, but with the title `Stalky and Co` .
   Charles Kingsley, who wrote the stirring tale` Westward Ho` lived in Eversley Hampshire
but moved to Torquay for his wife Fannys health and then to Bideford where on the East side of the bridge
he wrote his `stirring tale`.  The popularity of his book made the 7 rich men name the area west of Northam
``Westward Ho after the name of a high class Hotel in the area. Built, as are several big houses in the area,  to attract the wealthy Victorians who were now looking for the healthy seaside resorts the the new Railways were opening up in the 1850s. The little group of very old fishing cottages and a farmstead  [`now the Village Inn`] became Westward Ho! at about this time.  See Village Inn , Youngaton Road. Good food, good rooms.
   If you speak nicely to the proprietor you may park your car in the pub car park as parking here is pretty scarce.
   There is a wreck in the sands dated 17th century which no one is sure about, showing at the moment.
Lucky for weather.   Hallowe`en ghost pic for amusement only.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

August update.

AUGUST 2015 update.
New Forest Show 28.29.30. JULY now over.
The Heart of the Forest section of the show was where I had a
`plot`  [with thanks to D. Humbert Esq.]  to sell postcards and my new book `A Lifetime in Postcards`.
The picture is my latest watercolour commission.
A wartime `sadness` see Flight Lieutenant J. B .Nicholson V C.
Look up on web for further details.
Currently, a modern Eurofighter Typhoon jet [ZK 349] has been 
repainted in ww2 colours and with no. GN-A.
with no. GN-A  to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the
Battle of Britain.
Picture Postcards Monthly
THE magazine MUST for all Postcard and Cigarette card people.
Do you know  the name of first Sikh soldier to win the V.C. ?
Who refused a V.C.  and a Knighthood. ?
Where was the NAB TOWER  constructed. ?
see  Septembers 2015  PPM ...
  Mature Ladies.......
Have you any Louis Wain Cat used/un Postcards in your albums
for sale.?
contact   e-m   I collect these.
I `m a bit mad as was Louis Wain.
Both Nicks and Tonys  recent ukulele  garden parties were great.
With fine weather for both.
That`s all.    Au revoir.     Gervase.

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

SAT 18 AUGUST 2015

1. BEME LOOPS Hythe Hants 1948-1964.... Any info on anything to do with this firm or if you have a loop in your old shed.  Let me know as a friend  is very interested in these.
Not me though as I`m interested in P
2.  Livery AVAILABLE for your best horse  at IPLEY/MARCHWOOD in the New Forest....get in touch with  077 1601 7978  RACHAEL.
3. I shall be at the New Forest Show on the 28th 29th 30th July hopefully squeezed in the Heart of the Forest Marquee. And also hopefully selling my foresty art postcards [25p ea] and my book `A LIFETIME in POSTCARDS` at £14.99 which is covered further down in this blog. Has sold over 1000 copies now.
4. With Hythe Ukulele Group at Exbury Fete 1 pm. on Saturday Ist August 2015...hope its fine.
    Ditto on the 5th Aug. at the Community hall in Lunedale Road Dibden Purlieu at 2. pm.
5. Will have a couple of works in the ART PAVILION at the New Forest Show.
6. Pete and Alison are coming to dinner.
7.  Mike and Jane have set off to Red Frog Bay to pick up their sailing  [boat] from where they left off.  God knows where they will end up.
   All for now.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

July 2015 events

JULY 2015.
NEW FOREST SHOW ...28th.29th.and 30th JULY.
Hoping to have a table in the `Heart of the Forest` Marquee.
My own  book with my illustrations of places around the New Forest ,
called `A Lifetime in Postcards` plus some of my postcards will be available.
With many thanks to David, Debbie and Dennis.
Also a couple of pictures in the Art Pavilion.
These last few years have seen much improved road systems
into, on and out of, the Showground.
There are many diverse interests catered for.... little kiddies to enjoy
Have been busy with my hobbies, ie  artwork, having completed 3 commissions recently,
and playing uke with the HYTHE UKULELE GROUP.  see web.
Recently had a trip to Poole [organised by Sandy] took ukes played on coach and also the Jolly Sailor
on Poole Quay.   Very good company and a fine day out.
We play for free and fun but whatever tips we get goes to local charities.
Have you had a cruise yet ?  Wife and I had a taster to Hamburg on the Queen Elizabeth.
Don`t think a long one`s for us though.
The pic of the engine below [watercolour] shows it `at home`. pic now sold.
So much for now except to say    hallo to Cora, Phyllis, and Buzz.

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Update Feb 2015

Bought another vehicle.
Have finished three commissions and have just
received another one.
My book `A Lifetime in Postcards` has
now sold over 1000 copies.    If you want a copy
you can e mail me on
£14.99 post free GB only.
The Hythe Ukulele Group HUG  is
still going strong.  Fifty odd members
turned up last Thursday.
Into our 4th year now.
Last year 2000 ukes +- a few 100s gained a record in
the  Guinness Book of.. [see pic].
We played in St Marys, Southampton football ground.
A very easy and happy instrument to play.
When the weather gets better I hope to
do a bit of metal detecting.
That`s all folks.  All the best. G

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January 2015.

Happy new year to all.
Events  Cruise on the Queen Elizabeth.
A short visit to Hamburg  which was very luxurious.
The Paris shooting. `Je suis Charlie`
The ship on the Brambles bank off Calshot.
Another commission nearly finished. Bucklers Hard this am.
Some ukes fun.
A car parking [unfair] penalty.
First efforts of movies on latest Nikon . Very easy on the S9600.

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