Thursday, 26 February 2015

Update Feb 2015

Bought another vehicle.
Have finished three commissions and have just
received another one.
My book `A Lifetime in Postcards` has
now sold over 1000 copies.    If you want a copy
you can e mail me on
£14.99 post free GB only.
The Hythe Ukulele Group HUG  is
still going strong.  Fifty odd members
turned up last Thursday.
Into our 4th year now.
Last year 2000 ukes +- a few 100s gained a record in
the  Guinness Book of.. [see pic].
We played in St Marys, Southampton football ground.
A very easy and happy instrument to play.
When the weather gets better I hope to
do a bit of metal detecting.
That`s all folks.  All the best. G

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