Saturday, 11 September 2010

Emailing: root and branch acrylic 11.02.10

Hallo, good day and welcome to the latest...
The New Forest show now over for 2010
 and is the time now to start to send out the
invitations to show at the 2011 Art Pavilion.
I will be working together with Courtney Leggett for
the 2011 show and gradually handing over to her
as this will be the end of my five year `contract `.
Courtney will be then be carrying on
with the Art Pavilion work.
Courtney can be contacted on
The Art Pavilion has had 4 really successful
 years...2007 the first was a bit wet.
Sponsor. ExxonMobil
             2008, 2009,and 2010 were fine,
Sponsor. Brockenhurst College for the three years.
             2011 will have to be fine.
But it wouldn`t happen without the help of the sponsors
and the artists and the magnificent marquee
 My thanks go to all the helpers [all artists],
                        to all the invited artists
                        to all the visitors,
                        and all the NFASS staff  
  Re Totton Art Society,
       Both myself and my wife were so
pleased to open their Summer Exhibition
and so well treated on that occasion.
      Doreen [my wife] was very surprised
 with the wonderful bouquet of flowers
and they filled two vases.
      With regard to their exhibition.......
       The standard was very high
       A lot of lovely pictures
       all very nicely presented
       and sales on the opening night
       were very good.
Many thanks to the T.A.S. members and Artists.
              All the best,  Gervase.