Thursday, 14 August 2014

News 14 August 2014

      I have a good guitar for sale at £35.   It  has two very small blemishes on back but has been recently restrung.  Model DAG-IN-36 designed in USA and made in China named ``Eleca``.
      Nissan Almera owners.    Problem...Should you have your airbag light stay on, get the earthing terminals checked before spending out on very expensive parts.   Diagnostic says replace expensive parts.
    12.00 midday at the Turfcutters East Boldre this Sunday 17th August to hear and sing/drink to the Hythe Ukulele Group.
     Want my book `A Lifetime in Postcards` All around the New Forest with anecdotes and illustrations of my postcard art...£14.99.. E-MAIL     P&P will be extra.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Update news August 2014

*1   My Exhibition of watercolours at the Five Arrows Gallery in the Exbury Gardens finished on Sunday 4th August.
It was for me, very successful.  
My thanks go to The Herald Editor, Janice Taylor, who opened the show. Also Mr Lionel de Rothschild who spoke well of my work and also came to the preview.,  [and owns the Exbury estate.]  Vicky, Sally and Elaine and Catherine and Nesta, also get my thanks.
Visitors take note here, that the lovely Exbury Gardens are open through the spring ,summer and autumn.
  Last but certainly not least my sincere thanks go to the STEWARDING BOYS AND GIRLS who helped me through the 3 weeks of the show. [See the rota]
  Sold 17 watercolours and 30 copies of my book,` A Lifetime in Postcards.`  Can`t be bad.
  *2   I can recommend a [ new to me] , postcard vendor  He is Bill Judnick of Judnick Postcards of Columbus Ohio. 
*3  Sad dear cousin Fifi died last week.
*4  Andy is checking my car out for its coming MOT.
*5   We had an excellent meal at the Turfcutters with Pete and Alison the other night, the rain was piddling down outside [remnants of Hurricane Bertha] but that didn`t matter.
That`s all for now.