Sunday, 23 August 2015

August update.

AUGUST 2015 update.
New Forest Show 28.29.30. JULY now over.
The Heart of the Forest section of the show was where I had a
`plot`  [with thanks to D. Humbert Esq.]  to sell postcards and my new book `A Lifetime in Postcards`.
The picture is my latest watercolour commission.
A wartime `sadness` see Flight Lieutenant J. B .Nicholson V C.
Look up on web for further details.
Currently, a modern Eurofighter Typhoon jet [ZK 349] has been 
repainted in ww2 colours and with no. GN-A.
with no. GN-A  to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the
Battle of Britain.
Picture Postcards Monthly
THE magazine MUST for all Postcard and Cigarette card people.
Do you know  the name of first Sikh soldier to win the V.C. ?
Who refused a V.C.  and a Knighthood. ?
Where was the NAB TOWER  constructed. ?
see  Septembers 2015  PPM ...
  Mature Ladies.......
Have you any Louis Wain Cat used/un Postcards in your albums
for sale.?
contact   e-m   I collect these.
I `m a bit mad as was Louis Wain.
Both Nicks and Tonys  recent ukulele  garden parties were great.
With fine weather for both.
That`s all.    Au revoir.     Gervase.

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