Monday, 23 June 2008

New Forest Show update 23rd June 2008.

As several artists have been concerned regarding the shows progress I am pleased to say that every thing is going to schedule at the moment.   The marquee [slightly smaller this year 70`x40`] will soon be erected.  All those stewarding and/or demo-ing should have their packs of tickets, vouchers and badges by now except for Heike who is standing in and will be getting hers soon. I have also posted an up to date rota which has only changed a tiny bit -for stewards to see.                                                   Many thanks Brockenhurst College for their support[£500]  we will be displaying their banner and showing some of their paintings and sculpture. Nice to have a local person like Amy to organise this.
Thanks Amy.
There will be about 130  of the best New Forest artists showing a very broad band of works.            There will be about 260+ works to enjoy and buy if you wish, all the prices will be very reasonable
and far less than gallery and London prices.
So look out for THE ART PAVILION near to the NFoffices.
Paintings must be delivered to THE ART PAVILION  on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th but NOT,  I REPEAT, not on the MONDAY 28th.
 You will be directed into the disabled car park to deliver your pictures, this is very near to the Art Pavilion marquee,[ everybody seemed to find it easily last year.]
 Now I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who actually reads this blog and if you have any questions I will try to answer them.
  I am really looking forward to the Show and meeting good friends again. 
  I am donating  the medals [as last year] for the judges to award as they think best.
There will be six artist judges in two teams of three, and judging will be on the Tuesday am.
Lastly many thanks to all those who volunteered help.  I couldn`t have all who offered their help as there were too many so I picked on a first come first served basis. 
  If you can turn up the week before to help erect screens etc let me know as I don`t know yet when the marquee will be handed over.   Thats it then ,    my best wishes to you all, Gervase.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Emailing: Ashlett Mill Hants.070608

DearRupes,                                                                                                                                          Just what I needed. You are a clever bloke. I was thinking of taking a course on computer blogging with that in mind but as usual you are two steps in front.
Hope you are well and Gemma too. All ok here,  I have seen  my postcards for sale on e-bay now...I suppose someone thinks I`m dead  [not far off]  so I think that I have [perish the thought] reached junior celebrity status. Also have been asked to open the local horticultural show, and present prizes....what do you think of that my lad.?
Anyway here`s the latest bit of artwork.   Nan sends her love,  atb  gg.

Concerned about your health Issy. 23 04 08

Dor and I have heard about your fall and as you are 2000 miles away from us feel we can only offer our wishes fo your speedy recovery. Poor Al too, this mucks things up a bit to say the least. It does help having her sisters about I should think. Anyway, if you had time to look at this blog, give our love and regards to Issy and tell her we will be thinking of her and hoping all of you will have fine weather and Issy gets well quickly. Tell her to try some R.Whites wonder specific for all probleme ? Love from all of us here, Gerv and Dor.


The last cheque has been passed to the NFASS office. So I will now be concentrating on the Pavilion side. The layout this year will be slightly different as the entrance has to be on the short side of the marquee. My point of view is that this will be better anyway. There will be more stalls around the sides bringing more people in the vicinity, There is a some sad news in that one of my olsd friends has died [ Brian Tillyer] and I`m off to his funeral at Fawley Church in a short while. He was a well known commoner and well liked and did the `branding` at the New Forest Show in the Commoners` section. Meanwhile, all the bestof luck to those who read this. Gervase.

NFASS update. Art Pavilion news. MARCH 2008.

I HAVE NOW CLOSED THE ENTRIES TO THE 2008 SHOW . There will be about 130 top local artists showing some of their very best work. Over 200 works will be on sale all in the big marquee called the ART PAVILION near the offices at the NEW FOREST SHOW ON 29TH 30TH AND 31ST JULY 2008. It can`t be as wet as it was last year however in spite of this we were all happy and dry in the PAVILION. The raised floor made a lot of difference here. I would urge you who read this to come along and see the show. The artists have all worked hard to provide this spectacle. Je voudrais tout le monde visiter cette Pavilion s`il vous plait. Other news ....There will be a two week Art and Craft show at Fawley village Hall starting on the 7th April to the 21st April 2008. For sale there will be Doreens cakes jams and pickles [all is homemade] Some lovely pictures by local artists, woodwork, the village stitchers , 4 local authors will be signing their books [if you buy one], jumble, 3 local girls selling their jewellery and beadwork.and a lucky dip. This is a community event and will be opened by Mr Eddie Holtham and his wife on the 7th at 10am. Anything I have forgotten ring 02380 898413 Gervase.