Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Emailing: hythe 140708 001

Update for September 2008.  Dear observer,
I have been pretty busy since the New Forest Show so no blogs.
All should have their cheques by now, congratulations to all those New forest artists who sold their work at the show, and those who won merit medals.
During October the forms for next years show [2009] will be sent out.
I have attached a recent picture that is for sale, of the little bridge along Shore Road.
This bridge was for the employees of the shipyard [Scott Payne] to get to the shelters during World War II.  
  The young mother ,walking under the bridge, gave me her permission to do this picture but I forgot to ask her her name.    Acrylic , approx 24"x 18", Framed,  Price £150. ring 02380 898413.
  I have some more pictures for sale if anyone is interested. Mostly watercolours.
As for metal detecting, I found a small hoard of Roman bronze coins in very poor condition and should any one have lost a ring or valuable object and knows roughly where there they lost it I`m quite happy to see if the detector will trace it.  I`ve found 3 out of 4 rings for people up to now.
  The first being in a barn full of straw mixed with slurry [pooh].  The second easily in the garden grass,
but the third was in the ashes in the middle of a bonfire .  So it would be wise to take your rings off when you do a bit of gardening or chucking straw to the steers.
 Will try to include another picture next month. So till then, all the best.  G.