Friday, 17 November 2017

2017 Notes.

Date 16.11.2017.  This has been a busy year.
Average weather not good for metal detectorists,
Or going out painting.So my artwork has suffered.
My book is selling steadily, over 1000 copies and
nearly ready for another reprint.
` A Lifetime In Postcards`,   Buy now!
The picture shown here is not my work
but it shows the Queen Mary passing Hythe [Hants]'
and the foreground buildings [still to be seen] were
the old Power Boat works during the war.
The road is Shore Road at Hants Maids Lake.
I still drive through here and there is not much change,
although the shingle banks are much nearer to the road now.
I still live near.
The Hythe  Ferry Pier and Train [1921] still going but
needing funds badly.
If you read this ...go to Southampton by ferry,
quickest, cheapest, fastest and most scenic.
Some Interesting changes will be taking place now at Calshot
Not only the painting of offshore prop blades but
a new village by the sea. A while before we see much though.
So much for now ,  all the best.

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