Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Forest Show Art Pavilion update for July 2011.

Note for all stewards in the Art Pavilion. 2011.
If anyone makes a complaint with regard to anything in  the Art Pavilion
please note the complainer,  the complaint, and the date in our log book, then get me so that I can thrash out the problem with the complainer there and then.
The  wording of the labelling needs to be exactly as I have described
on the invitation, Please be neat and tidy with black block letters.
We are to have the level wood floor after all which is good.
We will be using the old Art Pavilion entrance for the last time,
as Malcolm has the embryo of a design which looks good
for 2012.
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2011
We will need as many helpers as we can get to put up the screens, etc and all the other necessary jobs ,remembering that we only have 4 hours to assemble the whole show when the marquee and raised wooden floor are  ready for us to work in.
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July 2011
These are the days for bringing in and hanging artwork,
Bring your works to the New Park Entrance where you will find directions to the Art Pavilion. Please do not hang about or get in the way of the hanging group.  There will be no access beyond the receiving tables in the Art Pavilion for other than stewards.
Many thanks to all those artists who willingly give their time which makes this such a success.              All the best,      Gervase.
Any questions direct to  Mrs. Courtney Leggett, or myself.