Thursday, 14 August 2014

News 14 August 2014

      I have a good guitar for sale at £35.   It  has two very small blemishes on back but has been recently restrung.  Model DAG-IN-36 designed in USA and made in China named ``Eleca``.
      Nissan Almera owners.    Problem...Should you have your airbag light stay on, get the earthing terminals checked before spending out on very expensive parts.   Diagnostic says replace expensive parts.
    12.00 midday at the Turfcutters East Boldre this Sunday 17th August to hear and sing/drink to the Hythe Ukulele Group.
     Want my book `A Lifetime in Postcards` All around the New Forest with anecdotes and illustrations of my postcard art...£14.99.. E-MAIL     P&P will be extra.

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