Monday, 13 July 2015

July 2015 events

JULY 2015.
NEW FOREST SHOW ...28th.29th.and 30th JULY.
Hoping to have a table in the `Heart of the Forest` Marquee.
My own  book with my illustrations of places around the New Forest ,
called `A Lifetime in Postcards` plus some of my postcards will be available.
With many thanks to David, Debbie and Dennis.
Also a couple of pictures in the Art Pavilion.
These last few years have seen much improved road systems
into, on and out of, the Showground.
There are many diverse interests catered for.... little kiddies to enjoy
Have been busy with my hobbies, ie  artwork, having completed 3 commissions recently,
and playing uke with the HYTHE UKULELE GROUP.  see web.
Recently had a trip to Poole [organised by Sandy] took ukes played on coach and also the Jolly Sailor
on Poole Quay.   Very good company and a fine day out.
We play for free and fun but whatever tips we get goes to local charities.
Have you had a cruise yet ?  Wife and I had a taster to Hamburg on the Queen Elizabeth.
Don`t think a long one`s for us though.
The pic of the engine below [watercolour] shows it `at home`. pic now sold.
So much for now except to say    hallo to Cora, Phyllis, and Buzz.

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