Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 2015 update.

   This year seems to have flown by... went to Westward Ho ! for a spell.
Lucky for weather.
Interested in
the school where Rudyard Kipling was taught and wrote one of his first books.
Not the Jungle book, but with the title `Stalky and Co` .
   Charles Kingsley, who wrote the stirring tale` Westward Ho` lived in Eversley Hampshire
but moved to Torquay for his wife Fannys health and then to Bideford where on the East side of the bridge
he wrote his `stirring tale`.  The popularity of his book made the 7 rich men name the area west of Northam
``Westward Ho after the name of a high class Hotel in the area. Built, as are several big houses in the area,  to attract the wealthy Victorians who were now looking for the healthy seaside resorts the the new Railways were opening up in the 1850s. The little group of very old fishing cottages and a farmstead  [`now the Village Inn`] became Westward Ho! at about this time.  See Village Inn , Youngaton Road. Good food, good rooms.
   If you speak nicely to the proprietor you may park your car in the pub car park as parking here is pretty scarce.
   There is a wreck in the sands dated 17th century which no one is sure about, showing at the moment.
Lucky for weather.   Hallowe`en ghost pic for amusement only.

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