Monday, 14 May 2012

Recent watercolour of children at Ashlett Mill 14 05 12.  For sale ready to hang £120
Funny old tree was painted on the corridor wall of local primary school for the children to have their achievements put on leaves and hung on this tree.  Good idea by Miss West.
Don`t forget the New Forest Show this coming July.
We could do with a chemist in Fawley... there are three empty shops just waiting.
Poor old Fawley could do with more visitors too.  The Old Church is well worth a visit.
I joined the bellringers recently just to take photos of them in action.  There they are audience..doing a very intricate job and providing Fawley with the very reassuring sounds
which typically English, have been sounding through the ages.
 There`s a good Hotel   The Falcon  and a good but small cafe where they serve good breakfasts.
 Sailing ? wind, kite, kayak plus all the things at Bobs in the Square.
 And there is a plumbers where I was pleased when they supplied some parts for my radiator
There`s a Chinese.....  Knock three times and ask for Joe !
Also an Indian....    And a very efficient and well run convenience store.
The car park behind the village [Fawley] hall is FREE.
This is an excellent place to start your ramble.
Walk to Calshot about 2.5 miles along the front of the Power Sta.
There`s Englands biggest Refinery to look at if that is what turns you on, but they had a Peregrine Falcon nesting in the ducting on PS 3 not so long ago.
So why not pop along to the village when its fine, and not bypass it as so many do.


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