Monday, 24 October 2011

Emailing: p30 Langstone

    I have handed over the running of the NFASS Art Pavilion to Mrs Courtney Leggett.
                                  Phone  02380 899407 or 893197
    It was quite a challenge at first and I promised to do a 5 year stint and now the five years are up I`m putting that behind me and enjoying learning to play the ukelele with the Waterside Ukelele Jam crowd. We`ve already done some `jamming` in Hythe, Fawley and at the Pulse Festival at Marchwood.....Saturday 26th November in Hythe by Waitrose [afternoon] is the next jam.
    Painting...Have been a bit lazy lately. Had a couple of commissions one completed, one to do.
                   Working on one of boys in the mud at Ashlett which is not a commission.
    Detecting.. if you have lost a ring or similar I can search for it providing you have a reasonable
                       idea as to where you lost it.   Free service locally. Record = 3 rings found out of                     5 up to now.
                     There is another Gervase A. Gregory only without the `A`,  believe it or not, and he is a very talented lad who does break dancing, I, at my age, could only break a leg doing what he does.  If you see this.....  Gervase  Breakdancer Gregory....get in touch.
                     Look up his slot on `you tube` .
    Postcards.... you can still get some of mine and others, at the Herald office in Hythe.
    Pic of Langstone for no reason whatsoever.
    All the best to anyone who reads these ramblings..

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