Thursday, 24 July 2008

Update nfass 25 07 2008

The marquee is now all set up to receive your pictures etc. so turn up on Saturday or Sunday
with them between 10am and 12 midday where we hope to receive and hang them as soon as we get them.   There has been some hard work done setting up and cleaning panels this last week.
 and putting up the `temple entrance`  [note Parthenon Marbles painted thereon].
 Thanks to those making up the working parties.....
                                      Jane Cartwright  [Hope you`re feeling better now Jane]
                                      Al Hooper,  Cleaning and erection.
                                     Malc Reeves,  Construction work internally.
                                      Alan Vicarey, the same.
                                      Ivor Minard. Placement of panels  with the rest of us.
                                      Jean Lock.  The same.
                                      and myself.
 All my thanks to the willing teams of artists who are going to make this a success  I am sure.
I`ve had a word with an Irish Leprechaun who has promised one wish to all and only the team members.         My warmest regards to all then.   See you soon.    Gervase.

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