Tuesday, 5 July 2016

June and July notes.

June 2016 not a lot done ...just one watercolour "Dancing Ladies".
                Sam in Australia says they have the same chaotic goings
                on with their parliamentary elections.
                 I have restarted collecting Victorian stamps, boring,
                 but so wet that indoor hobbies emerge.
                 Because I ran my little postcard business for some years,
                 it`s no surprise that
                 I collect postcards too.  
                 Louis Wain cats are my favourites at the moment.
                 he painted these to amuse his sick wife,
                 and went mad when she died.
                 Don`t forget the New Forest Show 26 27 28 July.
                 I have a corner in the forest furniture marquee this year.
                 So will have a few pictures and postcards to sell.
                 Also on Radio Solent  8.20am this Thursday 7th July.
July 2016 has only just started.
                 Have a two and a half hour booksign and meet the author thing
                 at the Art Gallery in Southampton on the 16th July  starting at 10am.
                 Got a parking ticket this am [5th] . Own fault, although I
                 only popped into a framing shop to get glass 20mins.
                 and I think the [hidden] warden has a powerful telescope.
                 It says on the form that he watched my car for 5 mins.! Expensive.
                 I paid up.
                 And I put a new battery in the car after which I couldn`t find my
                radio code in my Nissan book. When I did, I didn`t have
                the intelligence to put it in.  These new fangled cars, I don`t know.
                A local lad named Grant did it in seconds for no charge. Clever lad.
                Have to work out putting clock right now.
                Best of luck to any who read this trash.

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