Thursday, 28 March 2013

book cover

MONTHLY MOAN.     A very cold  Thursday 28th March.
In about two months time, say end of May, my first book will be ready for sale.
It consists of pictures, postcards and sketches , my own artwork,
based in the New Forest [Hampshire England]
plus anecdotes, my friends tales [that are printable],
most relating to the postcard on the page.
All ages can read it, suitable for young and old.
It is not a history lesson nor a pub guide but
most postcard pictures contain map references
so that you can walk from one postcard scene
to the next,you will have to find your own way
I`m afraid.  A good exercise.
There is one of the few bits of doggerel that
is a puzzle for you to solve and walk [6 miles].
It is costing a bomb [clue]  so the price has to be
around £15.    If you would like a first edition
signed and sent, send me your e- mail or a
telephone number with instructions.
My e-mail
All my warmest regards to those who see this.

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