Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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NFASS UPDATE for May 2011.
Rotas for show.... These will now have been received by those
          willing and valuable volunteers artists.  26th27th28th.July.          They will get their tickets for their appropriate days and a supply of food vouchers nearer the date.
                              There can always be emergencies when you could not attend but please let me know. Especially the judges.
Delivery of artwork .... Usual way for those who have shown before,
                              ie. will be signposted into the disabled reserve 
           [which is very near the Art Pavilion] but will only be open to artists for delivery of works on 23rd and 24th July from 9.00am to 12.00midday .
         If you have difficulty with lifting a work or a disablement then do ask at the tent for help. One of the artists will help you.
         On the Thursday J E B will want help with one of his sculptures.
Collection of artwork..... same place on the Friday 29th July 10 am until 2.00pm at which time outstanding works will be removed to the NFASS offices.
  Usually the Marquee has to be removed asap.
Memo, that pictures labelling must be legible in black block lettering, in the manner as supplied on the form and include a contact number so that if you sell a picture we can let you know,
Memo, again some of the pictures are a tad larger than rules, but if there is room they will be accomodated within reason .
Volunteers will be needed to set up the Marquee as soon as it is available [show toilets will be in place by then.]   Suggest the Saturday and Sunday 16th &17th July 2011 then we have the week to finish anything not done.  
Memo... NFASS will NOT be open to artists on the 25th July Monday only. 
Let me know if any thing left out.
Hoping we have a fruitful, happy, and successful show again.  Thanks to all.                                                Gervase.                             

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