Tuesday, 26 April 2011

May update NFASS

  To the artists who will be helping on the
three days
of the show.
   Only half of the rota for the three days of
the show actually printed. Apologies.
   Those who are helping on the three days
of the show [26th27th28th July 2011]
will be notified very soon,
in fact you may already know.
   My sincere thanks go out to these helpers
 as without them the Art Pavilion would not exist.
  No more artists can enter for this years show.
  We have again some of the original artists
plus some new to this show.
  Note that this will be my last show as `the boss`,
 of the Art Pavilion.
 Courtney Leggett has been understudying this year
and will take over organising next years show [2012]
 from this September.
  I know you will all help her in this exacting job.
The Pavilion is getting known now as we had a
`wannashow` from Germany this year but that
was a little too far away.
 Hoping that we have  fine weather again this time,
All the best to all my readers,
Other news.
Christine Thackway rang me for information this am.
Nice to talk to her. Welcome to Barbara.
A rambling friend, Molly Betteridge, died last Monday.
after a very short ilness. Her husband Geoff is related to my wife.
I shall be at Lymington Oxfam on Wednesday as usual,
so if you have any old and unwanted coins, they
all help towards the Oxfam cause. I usually sell the coins
in 99p bags  as the school children like to collect these.
 The better coins are cased for adult collectors.
I`ve  hundreds of tadpoles in my pond so some of these will go to the kiddies at Fawley pre school. If you want any you will have to bring a jar.
I have completed my copy of a Murrillo picture in oils and I`m very pleased at the result.  This was good practice for a portrait that I wanted to do of a friend of mine, Mike Scammell, a well known
author based in the  USA.
 His brother Billie [now in that great theatre in the sky] is the poet of Hythe [Hants] and there is a blue plaque on their old house.
 Look up William Scammell on the internet.
Didn`t find much metal detecting last Sunday.
But I do have a Lazer B1 for sale, an  older machine
which has been repaired but is good and has found me
a lot of medieval and earlier stuff [hammereds etc.] £95.ono.
That`s about it for this week.

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