Sunday, 1 November 2009

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Quite a few acceptance forms have come in already, but there are still quite a few to come.
Remember to get them in by 31 12 2009 as then I will be inviting artists who are slightly further afield.
 This years [2009] show was again very well supported and although we sold roughly a thousand pounds worth  each day we were a bit down on 2008.
  Brockenhurst again supported us by giving £500 Many thanks here, and they displayed some wonderful works.
  The president and his wifes choice was a picture by Susan Houching. The president being Ken Thornber this year.
  The medallists were G.Dashwood, G Gregory. I Gregory. S L Sibley.
     E Beecroft.         A Price          J Walton     T Chaney.  R Larcombe
     V Garland.        S Yeo.           M Wood.     S Stevens.  F Mason.
    S Morris.           A Lindley       J Bull.          Esme Bartlett.  H Lipscombe.
    B Wooler.         K Maunder.     P Hatchley  V Redding   R Tratt  .J Griffiths.
 I owe thanks to all the artists who worked on the days before, during and after the show.
 The two Malcolms and Kim Dennis and Susan in the office.
To all intents and purposes it`s going to be another good show next year   Just hope the weather keeps fine.
I have been lucky to have had three holidays this year and every week was fine. Stayed in England this year and have just come back from a visit to various places in the Midlands. The `Cavern` in Liverpool was the last place to see as we were married on the month and year of its opening.
But not in it I hasten to add.
Met a very  pleasant couple Wendy and Eric, while at an hotel at Didsbury,  I must recommend the Britannia Hotel near Stockport as we were very pleased with food and service and exceptional value for money.  It is good when you can meet up with nice people and share the table for four with good food and conversation. We really enjoyed it all. Visited Chester and had a tart at Bakewell too.
 But now its back to work on the show.
Rupes has bought his house. Sam`s built his canoe and nearly drowned himself [in Australia].
Robert wants to sell his Audi sports car,  Rachaels on holiday in Lanzarote and alls well.
                      Hope you are well too.            Regards Gervase.

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