Tuesday, 1 September 2009

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Latest news for August September 2009.
NFASS. ART  PAVILION.  The New Forest Show went well again but the sales were confined to the cheaper end of the picture market. Not all due to the `times` but the weather forecasters also gave an inaccurate forecast of flooding and heavy rain which did not happen.
   93,000 people turned up however which was similar to last year. A lot to see and a lot more local stuff this year. Richard Cuzens  [the man in charge] and his team are excellent and I have seen the worries [which would turn me grey all over] sorted out ...`just like that`.
   Now,  the cheques are soon to be on their way to artists who sold their works less the 10%
 for the NF charity.
   The acceptance forms will follow as soon as I can write out all the labels for the invited artists.
   There was only one person who shall be nameless who thought that the standard was not up to his/hers, but this show is not only for the professionals, no, it is also for the better amateurs as well.  I was very pleased with the cross section of differing styles, ranging from a 10 feet high bronze `owl` costing around £100,000  to a washing line picture costing only £60.
   This owl was a beautiful piece of work and shows just what a dedicated professional can do,
Any one who is interested in that or in lesser priced smaller works, 2k upwards, in bronze [which are brilliant as I have seen a lot of them] can get in touch with me and I`ll pass it on.
   Geoff Dashwood of Ringwood is the sculptor... look up his web site.
 There were more than 350 works shown this year.
*   I on behalf of all the artists would like to thank Brockenhurst College FOR GENEROUSLY SPONSORING  the  New Forest Show ART PAVILIION.
*  Also thanks to Ken and Lynn Thornber for choosing the pic of the show, which was by Suzan Houching of Burley
  Thats all for now.                                             Cheers,
note.   I hope to have the usual biennial FAWLEY  ART SHOW at Fawley Hall again around Easter time in 2010. 

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