Wednesday, 29 October 2008

event 29th October 2008.

NFASS.. I have received  40 entries for the 2009 show.  Note that the dates on sheet 3 are incorrect but the dates on the sheets you keep [ 1 and 2]  are correct. So make sure of your place by sending in soon, before 31st December 2008 please.
   The Landford ladies art group will have more entries this year.
   Note... Unless permission is given, please don`t reproduce your forms for someone else as entries have been sent in from well outside the New Forest area already by persons not invited.
  Is any one keen to sponsor the Art Pavilion for 2009 ?  Brockenhurst College sponsored us for the 2008 show and Esso Petroleum co. in 2007. We thank them profusely for the help here.
Braithwaite family...  Have sent e mail re family coat of arms,  as I have an original Bookplate in trick
which is dated 1679.   Family may be in Canada or U S A  now.
Hope those who attended my `lecture` on artefacts and design learnt something.
That is all.                    All the best Gervase. 


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